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Global Work Remote DayJoin the movement and work remotely on August 4th!


Close the office doors for one day and work from places that inspire you

Wouldn't it be nice to give yourself, and your team, the motivational freedom to work from anywhere?

With all the tech tools available these days, there is no need to work from the office every single day. Working remote can give teams the power to deliver a great product and service while helping with:


Increase productivity by erasing unnecessary meetings


Inspire creativity by working in a fresh environment or taking the time to brainstorm


Decrease stress by removing distractions and eliminates that dreaded rush-hour travel

Join the Global Work Remote Day

Show us how you work best using the hashtag #remoteday on social media

How to take part

1. Pledge yourself, or your company, to work remote on August 4th
2. Add #remoteday to your social media posts
3. Join the initiative and inform your network
4. Submit your company logo HERE

Why take part

1. A happy and healthy company
2. Your company and logo on this page
3. Visibility as a modern company culture
4. PR value before, during, and after #remoteday

Join the Global Work Remote Day

Kristel Moedt
People and Talent Director

Company cultures or locations can influence whether it’s ok to work remotely, but for those companies who want to test it out and show their employees that they truly embrace flexibility—what’s a better time to try than on a Friday during summer?


Spread the vision

The idea to embrace remote working for a full week originated from Amsterdam-based SaaS company, Bynder. To spread the vision, Bynder will close its six global offices so that 270+ employees can choose where they work each day and enjoy the full benefits of #remoteweek.

And, they want you to join them in this movement!