2019 State of Branding Report

Research conducted among 500+ marketing decision-makers

Marketing leaders refine their digital investments

This report will unpack five key findings—with some deeper dives—that provide invaluable insights on both the current and future states of branding. At a glance, our results reveal the typical challenges and opportunities that marketers are now grappling with as they contend with the rapid changes to tech advancements and consumer behavior:

  • For the second year in a row, identifying the right tech to serve as an extension of a brand continues to be a top challenge for many of today’s companies
  • Customer experience is believed to be the most effective way to differentiate a brand from competitors and engage with consumers
  • Marketers are more reliant on social media than ever before, but many are wary that frequent algorithm changes are a major threat to online brand engagement
  • Companies are ramping up investment in branded visual content to help boost visibility and cut through the digital noise.

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