Global Work Remote Day 2018

Take a well-deserved break from the office on August 3rd 2018 and #goremote! Join us, and dozens of other forward-thinking companies, as we embrace the remote working movement and give our teams the freedom to work on their own terms.

I'm in!

It's your turn to join #remoteday!

Rush-hour commutes, tedious meetings, uninspiring workspaces — sometimes you just need a break from the office. When you're free to choose where, when and how you work, you’ll fly through your to-do list and have more time left over for rest and play. Working remotely can help you be...


more productive


more creative


more engaged


Can working remotely work for you?

It did for us! We’re a B2B tech company that’s big on flexible working and online collaboration, so last year we kicked the team out of all 6 of our global offices for the week and challenged them to #goremote. Could our tech stack handle long distance? Did we get any work done? Click below to find out!

Fun Facts: Bynder Remote Week 2017

We'd love for you to join us!

Everything is better with friends, and we'd love your team to help make Global Work Remote Day 2018 bigger and even better. We'll #goremote for one week, but you can try it out for just one day.

I'm in!

Why take part

1. A happy and healthy team
2. Your company and logo on this page
3. Visibility as a modern company culture 
4. PR value before, during, and after #remoteday

How to take part

1. Pledge yourself to work remote on August 3rd 2018 here
2. Add #remoteday to your social media posts
3. Or make it a company-wide initiative by partnering with us and submitting your company logo