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Leapfrog the competition with Dynamic Asset Transformation

Register to learn how Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) improves website performance, minimizes developer resources, and builds a more customer-friendly brand.

You may be thinking "refresh my memory - what is DAT?" DAT is the Bynder solution that automates asset optimization by recognizing the specs required and delivering the perfect transformation on-the-fly across our CDN to its destination.

During this session, we reviewed:
  • Dynamic Asset Transformation set up and desired outcomes
  • Scenarios where it makes the most sense, including CMS consolidation, SEO improvement efforts, and digital experience building
  • Customer showcases: real websites with DAT in production and the related ROI
Brett Masters

Brett Masters, Director of US Training, Bynder

Brian Kavanaugh

Brian Kavanaugh, Director, Global Field & Customer Marketing, BynderLinkedIn

Alexander Janssens

Alexander Janssens, Strategic Account Manager

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