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Introducing ContentOps and GatherContent

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Content Operations Platform GatherContent to the Bynder Family.

In this webinar, we introduce you to GatherContent and how it enables organizations to deliver high-quality structured text content in a faster, repeatable way. Using real life customer examples, you will get a taste of how features like Real-time Collaboration, Templates, Components, and Workflows can be used to vastly improve the way your organization creates and manages content at scale.

Our goal is to give you the full picture on how the GatherContent platform can help you:

  • Create better content: through standardization and creating repeatable processes
  • Meet rising expectations: through higher confidence your content is accurate, compliant and has been through appropriate workflows
  • Reduce complexity: through unifying the way your organization, and partners approach content development
Brett Masters

Brett Masters, Director, Customer Education, BynderLinkedIn

Angus Edwardson

Angus Edwardson, Technical Director, GatherContent by Bynder

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