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How consumer-facing brands expand video strategy across the customer journey

Brands are fighting for customer attention in the digital-first world, and video represents an opportunity to cut through all the noise. Video is a powerful format to engage, convert, and retain customers, but its challenges around cost and resourcing prevent brands from leveraging it at each key stage of the customer journey.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how consumer-facing brands can break through that obstacle and leverage video at scale throughout the customer journey.

During the webinar we covered:

  • How to leverage video at each stage of a customer journey
  • Overcoming scale hurdles with an agile mindset during growth periods
  • The 3 video templates any consumer-facing company can leverage
Brett Masters

Brett Masters, Director, Customer Education, BynderLinkedIn

Maarten Boon

Maarten Boon, Senior Product Marketing Manager, BynderLinkedIn

Alexander Janssens

Alexander Janssens, Sales Director EMEA, BynderLinkedIn

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