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Last year, we shared 5 core use cases for Bynder's Brand Guidelines, inspired by our customers. Recently, we've added a few more to that list as the product has evolved. Whether its an iconic house of brands organizing its portfolio or a start-up gaining back autonomy for how its brand is communicated, every brand has a story and therefore, a direction with Brand Guidelines.

Watch this webinar to hear ideas and stories about how other customers are using the Brand Guidelines module and how you can use the guidelines in a new, innovative way. During this webinar, we reviewed:
  • 5 ways to imagine brand guidelines we established last year
  • New collaborative use cases for 2022
  • A live demo
Brett Masters

Brett Masters, Director, Customer Education, BynderLinkedIn

Jesse Fiorito

Jesse Fiorito, Solutions Engineer, BynderLinkedIn

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