a Bynder & Wiley special editionDigital Asset Management for Dummies

By Emily Kolvitz & Stephanie Diamond

Learn everything about Digital Asset Management

This original Dummies Book from Wiley explains in plain English, including how you can develop an effective DAM structure to manage your digital assets, how you can establish permissions about who can use the system while maintaining the system’s security, and how you can promote your system to achieve high user adoption.

Open the book and find

  • How to assess your present needs
  • How to choose the right vendor for your needs
  • Best practices for taxonomy and applying metadata
  • Tips for setting up permissions in your DAM
  • How to launch your DAM project
  • Guidance on integrating people, processes and data



Author: Emily Kolvitz

Emily is a DAM consultant, marketer and digital asset manager for Bynder, an award-winning digital asset management software that allows brands to easily create, find and use content, such as documents, graphics and videos.



Author: Stephanie Diamond

Stephanie is a thought leader and management-marketing professional with 20+ years of experience in more than 75 industries. She has worked with solopreneurs, small business owners, and multibillion-dollar corporations