Cost savings & efficiency gains with DAM

The Bynder team will share tips and stories of how brands in different industries are able to save on costs, protect current investments, and gain back productivity with a scalable, cloud-based DAM platform.

Joined by Magan Arthur - Managing Director at Mojo - We will dive into how teams with a cloud-based DAM are able to:

  • Calculate cost and efficiency using a standard framework with their own business metrics
  • Position DAM to leadership as a cost savings project
  • Expand the vision of the DAM in order to tack on value without tacking on costs

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Georgi Mirazchiev

Georgi Mirazchiev, Digital Marketing SpecialistLinkedIn

Margot Pijls

Margot Pijls, Digital Marketing SpecialistLinkedIn

Magan Arthur

Magan Arthur, Managing Director, MojoLinkedIn

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