Wed December 14th, 2022 16:00 CET / 15:00 GMT

Content creation with Studio: more assets, less resources

In 2023, democratization of content will take a giant leap forward. Brands will have to operate amidst economic uncertainty and limited resources, but we also know that the demands placed on creative teams will only heighten. In many organizations, an imbalance grows between the expectations for output and the resources available to fulfill them. So forward-thinking customers are taking this opportunity to address the challenge head-on and reimagine the process with Bynder’s new signature content creation solution - Studio.

Join this interactive webinar to learn how you can scale, democratize and diversify content creation, reduce agency spending, and save your teams valuable time using Bynder’s Studio module. We’ll cover a number of everyday scenarios and demonstrate:

  • How Studio empowers non-designers to create content independently

  • How to diversify your content by easily turning your images into videos or GIFs

  • How to do more with less with templating and creative automation

Brett Masters

Brett Masters, Director of US Training, BynderLinkedIn

Brian Kavanaugh

Brian Kavanaugh, Director, Global Field & Customer Marketing, BynderLinkedIn

Maarten Boon

Maarten Boon, Senior Product Marketing Manager, BynderLinkedIn

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