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What is Brand Growth?

The definition of 'brand' isn’t something tangible, it lives inside the heads of its supporters. It’s why they choose your company over another, why they recommend you to their friends, why they recognize you amongst everything else that’s out there, it’s why they keep coming back to you. And all of these experiences are difficult to measure and absolutely critical to developing a strong branding strategy.

So how do you then measure your brand's growth? Or if your branding strategy is successful? Hitting your sales targets doesn’t necessarily mean you have a strong brand, but on the flip side, having a strong brand can positively impact your sales targets. How clearly is your brand identity, branding strategy and brand vision articulated to the rest of your organization? And, do you understand the relationship between brand growth and market share growth?

That’s why we created this interactive quiz for you to evaluate where you are at when it comes to brand growth, and we’ve also opened up the responses so you can get a sneak peek at what other brands are doing and how they view brand growth.

In this quiz, we’ll cover important questions that will help you think critically about your brand identity and branding strategy, as well as questions designed to get you thinking about the relationship between brand growth and market share growth.

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